i e n j o y a n i c e s u n r i s e .
this is the part of the blog where i'm encouraged to share a little bit about myself. 

i feel like it's ridiculously challenging to summarize my life in one web page. i would much rather offer you a hello and let the rest develop naturally. if you want to know more about me, then i invite you to make contact. it's as simple as an e-mail filled with questions and tidbits that interest you... this may be a hefty proposal, but i feel like it's worth every bit of effort. many of you may already know who i am, but i still invite you to make a deeper connection. 

ideally, i hope to gain an audience that is inclined to offer thoughts, responses, and perspective to the discussion.  

hopefully you'll be inclined to share a bit about yourself and take a chance. 

i'll take the next minute or so to appease the blog gods by bullet pointing my life, pursuits, and dreams.
for what it's worth, it's something. 

  • oldest of 7 children
  • i consider madison, wi my hometown
  • born septemeber 12, 1984 (25 years old)
  • enjoy cycling, running, disc golf, and most things active
  • i work in the summers as the program director at phantom lake ymca camp, in mukwonago, wi
  • i love working with and positively impacting children
  • tuesdays with morrie, ishmael, a fighter's heart, and now, discover your strengths are some of my favorite books
  • i enjoy the company of family and friends
  • i'm a student at the university of wisconsin - la crosse
  • i get a kick out of befriending and hearing the wisdom of strangers
  • music influences everything i do

  • i plan on becoming ymca summer camp director
  • find the woman that compliments me the most
  • make every effort to make others happy
  • share the things i love with those i love
  • offer guidance when asked or when necessary
  • eventually, not any time soon, become a loving and honest father
  • help others find their place in the world
  • travel the globe
  • be happy and spread happiness

  • put forth 100% effort with everything i do
  • take time to relax
  • explore third world countries and offer my assistance as needed
  • create/share life-long traditions with friends and family
  • donate my life savings to something worthwhile
  • produce and direct a documentary
  • challenge strangers to become friends
  • live spontaneously 
  • write a screen play
  • when the time is right, risk it all

that's me in a few bullets. 
take from it what you want, but seriously consider sending me an e-mail if you're interested in learning more and making a more substantial connection. 
the ball is in your court.

i hope you enjoy reading,